Product Detail

Plastic crystal Scintillation


Plastic crystal scintillator combines the two importantproperties of long attenuation length And fast timing and is thereforeparticularly useful for time-of-flight systems Using scintillators greater thanone meter long. Typical measurements of 4 meter Optical attenuation length areachieved in strips of cast sheet in which a

Representativesize is 2cm x 20cm x 300cm.

The combination of long attenuation length, high light output, and emissionspectrum well matched to the common photomultipliers recommends it as thedetector of choice for many industrial applications such as gauging andenvironmental protection where high sensitivity of signal uniformity arecritical operating requirements.

Physical and Scintillation Constants:

Light Output, % Anthracene


Scintllation effici.,
photons/1MeV e¯

10, 000

Wavelength of max emission, nm


Rise Time, nSec


Decay Time, nSec


Pulse Width [FWHM], nSec

~ 2.5

No. of H atoms per
cm 3 x 10 22


No. of C atoms per
cm 3 x 10 22


No. of electrons per
cm 3 x 10 23


Density, g/cc


Polymer Base:


Refractive Index:


Vapor Pressure:

Is vacuum-compatible

Coefficient of Linear Expansion:

7.8 x10 - 5 below +67° C

Light Output vs. Temperature:

at +60° C, L. O. =95% of that at   +20° C
No change from +20° C to -60° C

Chemical Compatability:

Is attacked by aromatic solvents,   chlorinated solvents, ketones, solvent bonding cements, etc.
It is stable in water, dilute acids and alkalis, lower alcohols and   silicone greases. It is safe to use most epoxies and " super glues"   with