DD/MWD/LWD Surface Systems and Software 2019-02

Issuing time:2019-07-27 00:00

DD/MWD/LWD Surface Systems and Software


If you and your company would like to get listed here, feel free to contact me. It’s free!

Below you will find some manufacturers/suppliers of DD/MWD/LWD Surface Systems and Software which can be purchased “off the shelf”. Please contact them directly to receive more information about the product and its compatibility for your existing MWD/LWD equipment. Further customization is possible.

MWD/LWD Surface Systems

  1. Tolteq – GUIDE MWD Surface System

  2. Bench Tree – Bench Tree Receiver

  3. Focus Oil Tools – KeyDrill MWD Surface Receiver System
    They seem to be providing products from KeyDrill Technology.

  4. OilField Guidance

  5. Laversab – Model 4100

  6. Compass Directional Guidance – Surface Systems

  7. Pulse Directional Technologies – Surface Interface Receiver (SIR)

  8. Isys Tools – Advanced Mud Pulse Decoding System

DD/MWD/LWD Software

  1. Bench Tree – Bench Tree Software Suite

  2. Polaris Guidance Systems

  3. KeyDrill Technology

  4. Digital Drilling Data Systems (DigiDrill) – DataLogger

  5. OilField Guidance – Software

  6. Drill Tek MWD – Archer software

  7. Landmark COMPASS Directional Well Planning Software

  8. Dynamic Graphics Well Architect

  9. Weatherford Tech21 Engineering Solutions 5D Directional Drilling Database Design Display – Currently not offered for commercial sale.

  10. Precision Drilling Technology (PDT) Winserve (now obsolete?)   and HawkEye3D

  11. Agilis Software’s Kellydown

  12. Trant Logistics TL Longbow PRIME Well Planning Software DD & MWD Software

  13. PathTracker Directional and Horizontal Drilling Survey Calculation and Well Planning software for Microsoft Windows

  14. Innova Software Well Seeker

  15. Schlumberger’s Drilling Office and Petrell Well Design Software

  16. TechDrill International Integrated Drilling Software Suite

  17. LogIT MWD Surface Software

  18. DrillScan

  19. HydroProjects – WellDev

  20. Paradigm Sysdrill Software

  21. Byte Process – ByteDaq and ByteLog

  22. Mezintel Inc. – Mezintel Gamma