MWD/LWD Manufacturers and Suppliers 2019-01

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Some information written here are taken from respectively websites of manufacturers.

US/Canada based companies

1. General Electric Energy – Drilling Measurements (GE + Sondex)

This company has involved in the oilfield industry for more than 30 years now. They are manufacturing many oilfield equipment used by leading operators and service companies in the world. At the beginning they only provide the well known positive pulse Tensor MWD system, but due to their acquisition of Sondex few years ago, they now have the negative and electromagnetics MWD systems. Besides MWD tools, GE also provides LWD systems, like Gamma Ray and Resistivity tools. How about the price? That all depends on your requirements, whether you need for directional only, directional + gamma, or directional + gamma + resistivity. Just contact one of their representatives nearby you for more information about the price and the support.


2. Kambi Enterprises Inc.

Kambi, as stated on their website, is a MWD services dedicated company, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They design and manufacture their own tools based on GE Tensor design and technology. They have a variety of MWD systems arranging from positive pulse (PP), continous wave electromagnetic (CW-EM) to PP/CW-EM combination. They also invented Rotary Flow Switch (RFS) to extend the battery life for longer running hours. Good news is some of these tools can work together or are fully compatible to GE Tensor tools and existing Landing Muleshoe Subs. For LWD system, they only provide Gamma Ray. How about the price? Once again, it is based on what you need for your projects. Just an indication for you, their prices are bit lower than GE prices.


3. National Oilwell Varco – MD Totco

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is a well-known company in the world which provides solutions for almost all drilling activities, including directional drilling/MWD. They manufacture the MWD system called “BlackStar Electromagnetic (EM) MWD” which is another good alternative for your MWD needs. Please call their representatives in your country to get more information.


4. Tolteq

Tolteq is solving tomorrow’s MWD problems with solutions that work today. Advanced Tolteq tools fit in existing systems yet include innovative and advanced features. Buy the needed piece and get a solution that fits into the next generation of MWD tools.


5. Applied Technology Associates

Applied Technologies Associates (ATA) designs, builds, and manufactures oil industry technology products. Borehole surveying instruments (both gyroscopic and magnetic), MWD (measurement while drilling) systems, and production logging systems comprise the bulk of our products. Their sister company, Scientific Drilling (SDI), uses technology developed by ATA to provide services to the oil industry, including borehole surveying, wireline steering, MWD, production logging, and more. Scientific Drilling is an international company with offices located world-wide in most major oil producing areas.


6. APS Technology

APS Technology has assembled the most experienced independent MWD/LWD design team in the world. Their engineers, technicians, toolmakers and machinists create the world’s most advanced and reliable electromechanical, instrumentation and sensor designs. APS is committed to delivering field performance and design confidence worldwide for all your off-the-shelf and custom MWD/LWD needs.


7. Gearhart Companies

Gearhart has developed a new range of high quality digital surveying tools from full Directional Measurement While Drilling tools to single shot memory tools.


8. NovaDrill

NovaDrill is advanced technology that provides a complete integrated directional drilling and formation evaluation system for today’s drilling markets.


9. PathFinder

PathFinder’s core business lies in Logging-while-drilling and Measurement-while-drilling Services, Directional Drilling Services and Down-hole Drilling Motors. They also offer measurement-while-drilling products and services, which use down-hole tools to help locate and direct the tool string to the intended target.

Pathfinder is now a Schlumberger company. Therefore they do not sell or lease their tools to independent MWD/LWD companies.


10. TeleDrill

Teledrill™, Inc.’s mission is to provide the drilling industry with the unique capability to significantly increase the ROP (Rate of Penetration) and simultaneously deliver MWD (Measurement While Drilling) and gamma ray information with a single tool. The Teledrill™ is a compact, user friendly, energy efficient, and reliable tool tool that produces important economic advantages over existing technology.


11. Extreme Engineering

Extreme Engineering is a multi-talented, multi-faceted group of industry experts focused on developing and manufacturing custom MWD and LWD drilling telemetry systems based upon mud-pulse telemetry, electromagnetic telemetry, and acoustic telemetry. Extreme Engineering also offers as a service MWD and LWD downhole wellbore monitoring systems for oil and gas drilling operators, highlighted by XPulse, the most advanced unmanned wellbore monitoring system on the market.


12. Mostar Directional Technologies

Mostar knows how directional should be done. When it comes to technological advances in directional drilling/MWD, simplified customer interactions, downhole tool production, engineering and design, R&D, even ASNT inspection.


13. CJSC Novosibirsk Geophysical Equipment Development Bureau (NOKB GP)

NOKB GP is a branch establishment of West-Siberian Corporation TYUMENPROMGEOFIZIKA (TPG) (, which is one of the largest Russian well logging companies providing the full range of well logging and perforating services for prospecting and exploiting hydrocarbon resources.

NOKB specializes in research work, designing, producing and modernizing geophysical equipment and software development. Their basic field is scientific-research and design work, which takes 70% of their effort. The other 30% goes for small lot production.


14. Maxwell Downhole Technology

Maxwell Downhole Technology Ltd. is a company that designs and manufactures Measurement While Drilling (MWD) instrumentation. The company combines in-house expertise in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering with Software design allowing for a complete systems approach to equipment design. The current product range is a ‘family’ where components from one system may be re-used to convert to another type of tool.


15. Drill Tek MWD

Drill-Tek is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions and services to the upstream drilling industry. Drill-Tek provides a complete line of products, parts, and technology that delivers performance standards exceeding those of standard MWD platforms. Their custom-designed Archer™ software merges seamlessly with any MWD kit. Drill-Tek’s MWD kits, Archer™ software, and man less Vertical Well Monitoring solutions reduce downtime, increase productivity and optimize drilling operations for their clients.


16. CBG Corporation

CBG Corporation was founded in 1992 by a group of engineering professionals with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art logging tools. The company is a Chapter-S Corporation with two partners and twenty seven full-time employees.

The partners have worked together since joining the Gearhart Austin Research Center in 1984. During its first twelve years CBG Corporation worked with major service companies providing successful outsource development of advanced technology including LWD Wave-Propagation Resistivity, Wireline Array-Induction and Borehole Imaging tools. We also developed specialized cased-hole systems including a complete Production Logging stack, Formation Compaction Monitoring, Downhole RFID-tag Readers, Gravel-pack Density, and Gas Holdup tools.

Since 1998 CBG Corporation has also designed and currently manufactures a diverse range of standard products for Directional Drilling, MWD/LWD, Production Logging, Casing Inspection, and Environmental Monitoring. The company holds nine issued U.S. patents and fourteen associated international patents, with more applications in process. New products are always based on our own inventions along with our proprietary intellectual property.

CBG Corporation has become the largest independent supplier of Gamma tools for the Directional Drilling market, with total sales of over 5000 tools operating in the USA, Canada, China, Australia, Europe, Russia, and India.


17. Bench Tree

Bench Tree has been providing companies with products and support in the oil and gas drilling industry since 2003. They have over 200 combined years of experience designing, manufacturing, repairing, servicing and using equipment for the oil and gas drilling industry. Their products specialize in the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Survey On Connection product markets. Their experience includes mechanical, software, and instrumentation designs which have demonstrated years of successful service in the industry.


18. Focus Oil Tools

Focus Oil Tools provides equipment and services to drill directional, horizontal and monitored vertical wells. Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing, they have a solution that can meet your needs. FOCUS has built their MWD systems to meet the harshest drilling conditions. They have ensured that their tools can run in a volatile environment without losing accuracy or integrity. Upgrading your fleet or just launching your company? They are here to help, every step of the way.


19. Pulse Directional Technologies

Pulse Directional Technologies is a Calgary base company specializing in research, development and manufacturing of downhole directional drilling equipment for the oil and gas industry.



Newsco is the largest independent directional drilling company in the world. Since 1994, Newsco has designed and manufactured its own proprietary MWD tools that are rated to 175°C, capable of unmanned drilling operations, are 500% more efficient than its competitors & a pulser so powerful it can chop a pencil in half. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Newsco specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced technology for the global directional and horizontal drilling industry.


21. Applied Physics Systems

Applied Physics Systems is a leader in the manufacture of magnetic field measuring equipment including Fluxgate Magnetometers, DC SQUID Magnetometers and Clip-on Milliammeters. We also manufacture a broad line of Angular Orientation measuring sensors including Steering Sensors for Directional Drilling applications and miniaturized sensors for general purpose use.

In addition to our standard products, APS conducts contract research for other organizations in the fields of its expertise. APS can design and build modified versions of our instruments as well as completely new instruments to solve your needs for magnetic field measurement, orientation sensors, steering tools and clip-on milliammeters.

Applied Physics Systems supplies complete turn key EM-MWD/LWD systems for purchase, as well as OEM sensors for you oil & gas developmental requirements.

We market our EM MWD systems, and sensors, globally, attending OTC Exhibitions and other oil & gas technology conferences around the world.


22. Compass Directional Guidance

Compass Directional Guidance, Inc. is your one source for all of your measurement while drilling (MWD) and various logging while drilling (LWD) hardware, rental, service and training needs. Established in 1996, we serve customers in worldwide markets from our headquarters in Houston, Texas.

As a leading supplier of specialized equipment used in drilling oil and gas wells, our aim is simple: providing you the best MWD and LWD solutions to cost-effectively reduce drilling time and increase productivity. We do this by having our in-house engineering, R&D, manufacturing and support staff working with key vendors in the industry to continuously advance our products and technology.


23. Isys Tools

ISYS TOOLS measurement while drilling (MWD) systems are designed to operate in a diversity of drilling environments. Our MWD systems have a variety of advanced technological innovation to give your company the competitive edge. Using innovative mechanical, electrical and software engineering, Isys Tools develops optimal solutions for the oil and gas drilling industry. MWD or Measurement While Drilling is one of our cornerstone technologies where we have advanced the industry archetype. Our tools offer advanced performance, reduced risk and enhanced quality. Isys software is among the most intuitive on the market with users and operators, yielding significant and enhanced data results and praised for it’s ease of use.


24. Flotek’s Teledrift

Flotek’s vision is to be the premier energy services company focused on best-in class technology, cutting-edge innovation and exceptional customer service all standing in the support of our never-ending commitment to provide superior returns for our stakeholders. Flotek Industries Inc., is a diversified global supplier of drilling-and production-related products and services to the energy and mining industries. Acquired Teledrift in February of 2008, a leading designer and manufacturer of wireless survey and measurement while drilling, or MWD, tools based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


25. Boregyde

Boregyde, Inc is a manufacturer of world class EM Tools. We specialize in making a ground up EM tool that does not suffer the performance of a mud pulse to EM conversion tool. Our tools have been used around the world for more than 3 decades in standard downhole directional work, horizontal directional, river crossing with magnetic steering (TruTrack) and well testing services such as DST and production test. The Arcgyde Family of EM Tools uses a modular design that lets us mate or EM technology with world class sensors. We include the latest hi resolution magnetic directional sensors from Microtesla, APS and Tensor. The modular approach allows for Natural Gamma or Focused Window gamma including rotary azimuthal gamma. Pressure sensors can be added for annulus and internal pressure. Our BHA configurations can start as small as 3.0″ collars and go as large as required, using hard mount or retrievable configurations. We specialize in providing uphole and downhole electronics and assemblies, and allow the customer to configure and provide their own collars, gap subs, and other special equipment allowing them to brand the system under their name with Boregyde Inside.


China based companies

1. Shanghai Oilfield Equipment

Shanghai Oilfield Equipment is registered in Shanghai and Hongkong as a subsidiary of UIOTec, specializing in supplying oilfield equipments. The products they can supply includes but not limited to drilling equipments, well completion equipments, oil production equipments, logging tools, oilfield instruments, oilfield chemical and safety products and other products related oilfield. Most of them are with API certificate. They sell MWD/LWD Systems called SDRI-MWD/LWD.


2. Beijing Geoshine Oilfield Technology Services

Beijing Geoshine Oilfield Technology Services Co.Ltd is a quickly developing hi-tech enterprise located in Beijing Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park.

The corporation engages in directional and horizontal drilling services as well as R & D, production, sales and after-sales services of oilfield tools. Currently, a host of experienced researching staff specializing in drilling engineering have been working in this corporation. Meanwhile, its subsidiary, Beijing Geoshine Petroleum Engineering Technology Co.Ltd serves as a manufacturing base with a whole set of advanced production facilities.

The corporation boasts a full range of downhole logging tools as well as surface systems. Downhole tools include GET-B MWD, GET-P MWD, GET-SLWD350/650/1200, which can accommodate to diversified needs of clients. These products are not only widely serving domestically in CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited, etc., but also have found a good market around the globe. These tools have won great reputation with their favorable reliability and operability.

Geoshine’s innovative research and development team continuously modifies and improves the components to increase durability and reliability. The corporation is committed to giving customers the best tools and services.


3. Beijing Hailan Science & Technology Development Co,. Limited (HAILAN)

HAILAN is offering reliable, cost-effective MWD equipment. The team has been serving the over twenty leading oil fields in China since 1995, occupying over 80% of the domestic market. The factory of HAILAN is located in Beijing, four hundred well-trained workers working diligently in a eight-thousand-square-meter working area. Eight hundred sets of MWD equipment are produced, tested and adjusted in the factory every year. The HAILAN factory has passed the ISO9001 in 1999, passed API in 2007. Their main clients in China is CNPC and Sinopec.


LWD Resistivity Manufacturers

From all manufacturers listed above, only the following companies that offer Resistivity “off the shelf” to the independent MWD/LWD service companies.

1. General Electric Energy – Drilling Measurements

Centerfire Propagation Resistivity

Multiple depths of investigation with 400 kHz and 2 MHz transmitting frequencies.

Optimal measurement quality and performance reliability with unique design features:

– Dual receiver/quadruple transmitter array, symmetrically oriented to eliminate downhole temperature and pressure effects
– Thin-bed resolution down to 6 inches (15 cm)
– Wireline quality measurements are made up to 2,000 ohmms in all mud types
– Patented antenna design optimizes measurement quality and performance reliability

Operates to 347 °F (175 °C) in water and oil-based drilling fluids and flow rates up to 1,200 gpm.

Gamma calibrated to API units provide industry standard log formats.

More information can be found here,

2. APS Technology

APS’s Wave Propagation Resistivity (WPR) sub is a spatially compensated, dual frequency (400 kHz & 2 MHz), dual spacing device designed for wireline-equivalent Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) and Measurements-After-Drilling (MAD) services in all well types. Applications include geosteering, correlation, pore pressure trend analysis, casing point selection, wireline replacement, logging while tripping and logging with and without the flow switch enabled (for air- and foam-drilled wells).

WPR’s symmetrical design, with centrally located receive antennas, provides real-time compensation, eliminates invasion effects due to measurement delays, and improves accuracy by canceling variations in receiver channels.

WPR operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and provides real-time resistivity with flexible transmission formats. High-resolution data is stored in downhole memory which can be retrieved and processed during trips.

More information can be found here,

3. CBG Corporation

The Geosteering Resistivity Tool (GRT) is an advanced imaging laterolog device, incorporating four independent receiving electrodes to create an azimuthally-sensitive resistivity measurement. This capability allows the GRT to detect a nearby bed, determine whether it is conductive or resistive, and ascertain Modeled GRT current density its direction and distance. Unlike competing tools, it is not necessary to rotate the GRT to obtain directionally-sensitive resistivity measurements.

Benefiting from its innovative electronic and mechanical design, the GRT provides accurate and reliable operation, combined with low cost and serviceability. Sophisticated self-calibrating measurement circuitry ensures that stability and precision are maintained across the full range of operating conditions. Should it be necessary to service or repair the GRT, its rugged, probe-based construction makes disassembly and reassembly quick and easy. The GRT does not employ any third-party proprietary technology so there are no licensing fees required.

The GRT can be provided as a stand-alone tool, or part of a complete LWD resistivity system, including a surface display, display software, and data communications/control electronics. A mud Pulser can be mounted above or below due to the full 10-wire bus passing through the tool. The GRT is available compatible with Tensor-type systems, and can be readily integrated into other industry-standard tool strings. A built-in Muleshoehelix at the top end of the tool ensures that the Directional Sensor package GRT Maximum Detection Distance is always correctly oriented with the GRT sensors.

More information can be found here,

4. Target Well Control

Target’s PWR sub is a spatially compensated, single frequency (1 MHz), dual transmitter & dual receiver design. Target provides a complete set of software-enabled borehole corrections and applications with PWR, and can include a dipping bed model for geosteering. Target PWR resistivity tool is fully integrated with Target and Geolink MWD platform. The tool provides low cost ultra reliable resistivity service. Target resistivity tool has been used word wide (for NAM, Tullow Oil plc, Vermilion Oil & Gas and many more) with proven results. Target resistivity is available in 8″, 6¾”, 4¾”, 3½” & 3⅛” subs.

More information can be found here,

5. Oliden Technology

Established in 2011, Oliden Technology is a technology startup company performing research and development on drilling and logging technologies in the area of oil and gas exploration. The company aims at developing and producing advanced technologies that can help operators to find and produce hydrocarbons in challenging environments with the increased efficiency and safety while reducing cost and impact to the environment. This breadth and depth of expertise in the company brings a clear understanding of the application and business needs of our customers. Their goal is to become a leading independent LWD/MWD equipment provider in medium to high tier LWD/MWD equipment for independent service providers, through differentiation in technology and quality and reduction in overall cost of services.

More information about their products can be found here,

6. PetroMar Technologies

PetroMar Technologies provides products and services related to downhole oil & gas exploration and other energy technology. Their team comprises an expert and multidisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and technical professionals.

PetroMar’s focus is on fast time-to-market, high-quality, low-cost, and overall customer satisfaction.

The FracView™ 650 High Resolution LWD Imager with 6½ in. nominal collar size provides high-resolution borehole images and caliper data while drilling with oil-based or water-based muds.   The images are acquired by two dynamically focused ultrasonic transducers capable of adjustment of focus to the distance to borehole wall.

The tool also records wide-band vibration, acceleration, shock, and orientation via an integrated Drilling Dynamics monitor package, allowing for identification and flagging of drilling issues such as stick-slip and whirl.

Currently deployed as a memory tool with its own battery power and standard API mechanical connections, FracView is “service company-agnostic” and can be included in any BHA.

More information about their products can be found here,


Basically all manufacturers are also suppliers. They do repair and maintenance as well. Below I only will list companies which are dedicated in developing. manufacturing, supplying parts and/or repair and maintenance, not the whole set or system. As requested by many visitors,   companies which rent and lease MWD kits will be also listed below.



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